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Hard to forget right?

But what is it about the Material Girl that keeps her cooler-than-cool and forever in the headlines?Well, (and I think you know what I'm going to say here) she is the ultimate image guru.

With a constantly changing professional image, Madonna has managed a decades long career that has won her fans, established her as a stayer in the music industry, given a clear message on the next wave of cool and, above all, been memorable.

So, how do you achieve a similar sort of success in your business...but without the daily reinvention, music awards, millions of bucks and all that singing and hip-grinding?

Well, grab a cuppa and settle in for our Ultimate Top Five Tips to a great business image from the life & career of Madonna...

Number 1. Attract your clients

Firstly, no, you don't have to wear a pointy bra to do this.

Your brand and logo needs to give a brief taste of your corporate message; for instance, if you're a builder you probably shouldn't go soft pastel swirls with a curly font, should you?

The style and design of your logo gives a first impression from which your clients will form an opinion within seconds.

They will decide if your brand looks like one they can trust, that can fulfil their purchase needs, whether it's casual or formal, conservative or trendy, expensive or good-value, friendly or exclusive.

Then they'll decide whether or not you're attractive enough for them to do business with.

Number 2. Establish your credentials

Madonna doesn't get her second-cousin-twice-removed to look after her high-octane, gym-junkie, body-sculpting sessions and neither should you...get a distant relation to design your logo that is.

A professionally created, carefully designed business image shows that you have pride in who you are and what you do...and that you have a commitment to your clients.

A well-designed brand imparts the message you're serious, qualified and ready to do business.

Number 3. Show you're stable and trustworthy

Just when you think she's going to retire and allow the wrinkles to take over, the Material Girl announces another album, world tour and range of merch.

Sure, you and your product might not have been in business for long, but a professionally designed image shows that you're not afraid to invest in the long-term future of your brand.

Great design shows you're not a fly-by-night business...and let's just call any wrinkles "wisdom lines".

Number 4. Communicate your business intention

There's no point having an artistic, impressionistic brand design if no-one can immediately tell what it is you're doing; back to the pointy bra again...seriously, what was that about?

Professional graphic design should give your clients an overall impression of what it is that you can do for them; hairdressing, life coaching, jewellery making or snake catching, give your customers the information they need at a glance.

Number 5. Be memorable!

People are visual beings; we remember what we see more than what we hear or read...although the tune to "Like a Virgin" stuck in your head on continuous loop can be pretty memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Sophisticated, clean and confident graphics are brilliantly effective at making your clients remember our brand, helping them find you online and mentioning you to their network of contacts, friends and family.

By creating a strong association between your brand and your product, you will help your clients remember your overall corporate message.

So there you have it, all the information you need to create a strong, lasting and powerful business image and corporate message, all thanks to our friend Madge.

And remember, for a great return on your design investment you need to speak to Sam Burrone Design...after all, if Madonna lived in Melbourne she'd probably have hired Sam too!