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  1. Design
  2. Packaging

Whoooosh! There’s no better sign of great packaging and labels than products continually getting whooshed off shelves - into customer pantries, playrooms, cars, bar fridges, and offices. Food packaging, wine labels, retail packaging, and more. Whatever your product, we can help you design clean, crisp, confident designs tailored to your brand.

Tell us what you want and we’ll tailor your packaging to suit the material, shape, size, and use of your product. Don’t worry, we’ll also make sure you’re covered with all the boring but essential stuff like labelling regulations and country specific rules.

Designing for packaging - a 3D medium - is a niche. An acquired skill that takes time and experience for a graphic designer to master. So be assured your packaging design will reflect the insights and experiences we’ve gained over 20 years working large and small brands in many industries.

  • Beverage label design including wine label and beer label
  • Food packaging and food labels
  • Cosmetics packaging and labels
  • Product packaging and labels
  • Retail packaging

The success rate of products to market under Sam’s design has been first rate…
and have brought about extremely successful ranges in the Australia’s largest and most well-known retailers. Steven Pawsey - Managing Director, Stevie Marx

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Holden Racing Team

The Holden Racing Team is all about 'brand'. HRT is the most successful V8 Supercar racing team in the history of the category, and for all their loyal rev-heads there is no substitute to their iconic red, & white logo (left). Sam Burrone Design was tasked with designing within the existing corporate colours car accessories to attract attention, and become a must have for the passionate racing teams supporters. The Holden Racing Team needed a designer who understood the intricacies of packaging.